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My husband and I have been going regularly for 6 months now.

My husband had gone in the previous year for treatments because of back pain. After several weeks, the pain was non-existent. This time, since he is working at a desk all day, the pain keeps coming back but after adjustments, he is good as new. The treatments are definitely keeping it under control.

I am currently pregnant and regular visits are helping me with pain management. My poor posture habits, side sleeping, and picking up my toddler keep throwing out my back but after a visit to Dr. Weddle, I feel so much better. As long as I don’t do those things to put myself out of alignment, I don’t feel any backaches. Typical pregnancy onstipation issues are also non-existent! An acupuncturist also mentioned that my regular chiro adjustments are helping things from getting worse and keeping it under control. Hip alignment is so important since I birth my kids naturally and my 4th pregnancy has actually been a lot easier to carry thanks to Dr. Weddle! No digestive issues, no heartburn, no morning sickness. Couldn’t be happier!

Bottom line, Dr. Weddle does care for his patients and is very concerned with our well being. He doesn’t pressure us to do unnecessary treatments and we feel welcome every time.

-Lucie L.

Dr. Weddle is the man, he always takes the time to help elevate the pain, he explains what the process is and the time it will take to get my back realigned again.

Dr. Weddle’s message therapists work in along with the adjustments to address whatever my issues are. She gives AMAZING deep tissue massages and the price is more than reasonable.

I highly recommend Orange County Chiropractic & Wellness Center!

-Richard C..

Called Dr. Weddle right before he was about to close and he was able to stay open for another 30 minutes for me to come in and get a quick realignment. I have been going to Dr. Weddle for about six months and my back pains and spasms have gotten a lot better. 10/10 would recommend

-Johnny H..

I was referred to Dr. Weddle from a couple of friends who see him and I went into my first appointment with some serious neck and lower back issues. After my first adjustment I saw significant improvement in my range of motion in my neck. Dr Weddle is a really nice guy, but the best part is he is an amazing chiropractor!

-Kevin J..

I was very impressed with the immediate service I received when I contacted Dr. Weddle. He was very flexible with appointment availability. He took plenty of time to adjust me and wanted to make sure I was comfortable with his procedures. I will definitely be back!

-Kim G..

Been in pain for 4 months and couldn’t inhale all the way due to back pain. Dr. Weddle treated me for about 2 weeks, making proper adjustments every other day, had me get X-Rays, and had massage therapy done for me. Now my pain is almost completely gone, highly recommend Dr. Weddle

-Nelson C..

In the past 20+ year, I’ve been treated by quite many chiropractors for various injuries throughout my life. But in the past 3+ years, my one and only go-to chiropractor is Dr. Weddle. He is a consummate professional, caring, kind, and no nonsense chiropractor!! The clinic is well equipped for many types of treatment, and his masseuses are some of the best ones in the industry. My daughter and I have always been in good care each and every visit with Dr. Weddle. I will not hesitate to refer my relatives and friends to Dr. Weddle for treatment.

-Daisy A..

Dr.Weddle is the best. Very kind and gentle. I am in my late 4O’s and suffer from fibromyalgia. I also fell down the stairs a few months back and broke a rib in my back. Plus I was sore all over. I was skeptical about going to a chiropractor because they usually manually crack your back and twist and turn you all over the place. Dr.Weddle doesn’t do that in my case. Maybe for others depending on their treatment. With me he took in all my medical history while treating me. He used heat, stimulation and other therapy to treat me. He takes your age and your conditions when applying treatment. I was so relieved by this. Not everyone is the same and should not be treated the same way is what he told me.
I feel so much better after getting treatment. I been having treatment for about 8 weeks. I actually felt better after the first treatment. My condition has gotten better and better with each treatment. Plus Dr. Weddle is just nice. He doesn’t push products on you and he fits you in when ever you basically want. There is also massage therapy by a great massage therapist. Some days I have more pain then others so I just go in for treatment. He totally understands and is ok with that. I would highly recommend Dr Weddle. He has really helped me.

-christy p.

New patient of Dr. Weddle’s. Already feeling the relief of some major tension and neck pains. I am have been able to get in during my lunch break, without feeling rushed for time. Dr. Weddle is very knowledgable and takes great time with his patients. I have a treatment program over the next 3 weeks to continue the relief of all my tension, headaches, and wrist pains.

-Jessica S.

Dr. Weddle is very knowledgeable and great at working out the kinks. Have been going to him for several years now and he has early morning appointments available to get you in before work. Wouldn’t go to anyone else.

-Mitchell W.

Dr. Weddle has not only helped me feel tremendously better through his gentle and skilled chiropractic, but he has educated me on the various means of therapy. He explains what he is doing before he does it, he listens well and works to accommodate my desires and needs. I have been going to him for almost a year as needed. Through his services he has relieved my shoulder and back pain as well as some hamstring problems. Recently I mentioned to him that my sinuses and ear were bothering me and asked if he could help though I was not hopeful as that seemed out of the realm of chiropractic. (My GP dr said the infection was gone. I believe him but my ear still hurt.) Dr Weddle said he could help and proceeded to adjust my neck and ear and do some heat therapy. I feel so much better!

Dr. Weddle’s message therapists work in conjunction with him to address whatever my issues are to bring healing and restoration. I love their deep tissue massages and the price is very reasonable

I highly recommend OC Chiropractic!

-Nancy A.

We have been going to Dr. Weddle for many years. He definitely knows what he is doing. He first makes sure to fully understand your problems and concerns before working on you. He and his staff are great. We have recommended many people to him and they all have been very satisfied.

-Henning “Henberto” V.

Dr. Weddle saved my back. As someone who needs to be on my feet and mobile for work, debilitating back pain was not welcome. With fantastic in office care, and home exercises as well, I miraculously recovered. It took awhile for me to build up enough core strength for better long term back support, and follow up care and maintenance was of great help. If you haven’t tried chiropractic, you should. I am so thankful to have received wonderful care, understanding and pain relief without medication or invasive procedures. Thank you Dr. Weddle!

-Amy H.

Dr. Weddle is extremely professional and compassionate. I have seen him twice now and I am very happy with the services he has provided. I have been to many chiropractors over the years and Dr. Weddle is one of the best! He patiently listened to me explain where I was having pain and asked a lot of questions ( great consultation). He also used a couple other therapies on top of a standard adjustment ( cracking only). He did something called physio therapy starting out with these wires being put on the most painful area and then turned up the machine, which created a buzzing noise and vibration along with using heat, following this he used some sort of square massage tool that vibrates on the back ( he says that these machines help to relax the muscles and get the blood flowing). He was right. I like that he did a combination of things…. Great Job Dr. Weddle. I will continue to come here for chiropractic services and refer him to others.

-Kayla Z.

I was looking for an amazing Chiro in Irvine and I found him!Its been weeks since I came in here for some relief for my neck and shoulder. Dr. Weddle is a great doctor who really knows his stuff. After having a few adjustments I feel a huge improvement in my neck, which had been bothering me for 2 years.
I’ll definitely refer anyone I can to this office.

-Farnaz S.

I just started coming here for a lower back sprain. After the first session, I was feeling 1000x better the next day. Dr. Weddle is very thorough and always makes sure I understand what’s going on. Start coming here for instant pain relief.

-Daniel K.

I just recently started coming to see Dr. Weddle for severe lower back pain. After a few visits I’m feeling better. He is very professional and thorough . I highly recommend him. He’s the best!

-Lisah T..

OC Chiropractic & Wellness is a hidden gem! Dr. Weddle is great! Very accommodating and really cares about his patients well being. I’ve been coming here since 2013. I can go in for a quick adjustment or if my back is acting up he will take the time to see me multiple days until I’m back to 100%. I also love that Linda can give me a massage and focus on my problem areas, I don’t have to go into a lengthy detail of my back issues because she is already up to speed.

-Andie B..

I just recently started coming to see Dr. Weddle for neck pain, upper back pain, and TMJ jaw pain. I have been in for a few visits and am already feeling much less pain, less tension, and greater freedom throughout the day. I’ve been to multiple chiropractors in the past, and was disappointed with my previous chiropractor for not paying enough attention to my neck — so its a relief that Dr. Weddle provides customized treatments and combines different techniques just for you, rather than doing the same adjustments on everybody. Dr. Weddle is experienced in quite a few techniques, some that I hadn’t tried before and seem to be helping already. The massages are great too!

-Aditi J..

I’ve gone to many chiropractors throughout my life and Dr. Weddle is definitely the best. I’ve seen him for multiple issues such as sciatica while pregnant, pinched nerves, dislodged ribs and most recently, sinus problems that have always led to my eardrums rupturing or having to get tubes in my ears. All of which he completely fixed quickly by following his recommendations for treatment.

I’ve been to chiropractors that want to set me up with an extensive treatment plan and prepay for months in advance to “save me money” before I have even finished my first visit. He told me what to expect but made adjustments along the way according to how I was feeling, which was always much faster than I expected.

The most recent problem I visited him for was for my ears caused by sinus problems. My eardrums have ruptured more than 10x in each ear and I’ve have tubes in my ears 3 times as an adult. This time, as soon as I felt fluid in my ears, I called him that day and he got me in as soon as I could make it in. I saw him every day for 6 days, including Saturday and Sunday (he’s normally closed on Sundays) and now my ears are clear. I thought I was going to have to be put under to get tubes again but I’m so glad I decided to go to Dr. Weddle instead.

I’ve referred him to friends of mine as well and all have been happy with their results.

I also want to add that he opens at 7am most days so clients can stop in no their way to work and also on Saturdays.

I highly recommend using Dr. Weddle as your Chiropractor.

-Heidi G..

I saw Dr Weddle yesterday and today for Sciatica. I was in terrible pain. After my appointment yesterday it was a little better. I went back today and I am defintely better today. Dr Weddle listened to me and came up with a plan that is working. He was very thorough, respectful and professional. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs a good Chiropractor!

-Judy S..

Just had my initial consult and was very happy with it so far! I’m very afraid of getting adjustments since I had an aunt whose neck was twisted wrong during an adjustment and ended up in more pain. Dr weddle was very pleasant and accommodating. He listened to my concerns and addressed them. Answered any questions I had and explained everything he was doing to ease my fear. Can’t wait to try the massage tomorrow as a complementary to the treatment to rid of the neck and shoulder tension I have been having. Will continue to update as this was only my first visit.

-Marie T..

I am new to chiropractic care and called Dr. Weddle on Tuesday. I was happy with the ease of making of the appointment and he was able to get me in for an appointment on Wednesday during my lunch hour. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease, answered all of my questions and explained everything that he was doing. He has a great sense of humor as well, and that goes a long way. I am looking forward to continuing treatment with Dr. Weddle.

-Brandy P..

I have been suffering from a chronic nick and back pain for years, it is painful and also difficult to turn my neck. After the first session with dr. Weddle, he made some adjustments and felt much better. I will continue to see him for more sessions!

-Musaad A..

I called 8 other places going right down the list on Yelp. These guys not only said yes within an hour time left he did a fantastic job of lining up my spine and neck. I feel great and I was a new patient. Amazing service and adjustment. Will be back soon.

-Bilal J..

If you’re looking for a excellent chiropractor then I’d say you don’t need to look any further, Dr. Weddle is just what you need. You’ll find that his adjustments are quick and effective, his knowledge is top notch and that he’s just down right personable. He really makes you feel at easy but you can clearly see the skill he has once he gets to work on you. So I’m happy to say that I can completely recommend him with no qualms at all.

-T R..

I’ve been to many, many chiropractors and have had good experiences at the majority of them. Dr. Weddle does the job and does it right. Location is very convenient, near the Spectrum.

There is an interesting practice that Dr. Weddle employs: he only cracks the locations that are bothering you. I’m sure he would crack you everywhere (like most chiros) if you asked, but I prefer to be cracked only where necessary. His philosophy is that if he adjusts where it isn’t needed then it may lead to hypermobility of the spine and bones around it. (Hypermobility, like it sounds, is when the bones get looser and not as stable as they should because of getting cracked too much.. They develop a propensity to move out of whack more often than they should)). I had never heard that before and found the new info to make sense.

-Vince B..

Dr. Weddle was very accommodating in getting me in to see him as soon as possible since I had twisted my back. He takes walk-ins, as most Chiropractic offices do. A strange thing that happened was that he wanted me to come in on a Saturday, I told him that I didn’t know if I would make it, however I would try. That next Monday I walked-in to see him. He mentioned Saturday and that I was a “no-show” and proceeded to show me the little plaque on the counter off to the side (that no-one would ever look at or find) that said “no-shows” are charged a $25.00 fee. I was surprised and a little taken a back. I never made the appt.; either by setting up that previous Friday or calling on the phone. I was confused that he would point this out to me and mention it twice while I was getting adjusted. I never went back.

-C H..

I went to Dr.Weddle since this place is the closest to my work. I had a bad back pain due to work and stress. He treated me the first day i went there without putting me through any x-rays or giving me any speech on how chiropractic adjustment is essential. My pain got better in 2 visits and i am so happy i chose to go OC Chiropractic and wellness

-Sammy G..

I thought I was going to die from having Migraines for two weeks in a row, broke down, called a bunch of chiro’s from my insurance company’s website and Dr. Weddle got me in within the hour. Fixed my neck up and I swear I could breathe better, colors were more vivid, and I didn’t want to jump off a bridge. He had me come in the next day to make sure I was doing alright and continued his good work. I feel fantastic!

-Stefanie C..

I love how Dr. Weddle takes the time to explain why I am having so much pain, what is the process and the timeframe to get me back to alignment, the stern warning about the risk of re-injury, and the important stretching and exercises to strengthen my core and back. He explains what he is doing, the reason why it is important, and physically demonstrates the proper way to workout. I would highly recommend Dr. Weddle to anyone and everyone!

-Piper V..

Dr. Weddle is a highly skilled and compassionate Dr. I suffer from chronic neck pain and through his skilled but gentle chiropractic methods I am relieved from most of the pain. He takes time with you and really listens to your issues and concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Weddle to anyone!

-Rhonda T..


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